Miami Coffee Places

Miami Coffee Places

Best Coffee Places in Miami Florida

Miami may not be the city that never sleeps, but we definitely know how to have a good time in the wee hours of the morning. Any city as vibrant as ours needs a caffeine rush to survive. Cuban coffee has always been a favorite in Miami, but otherwise, the little cafes that many big cities thrive in weren’t yet part of the culture. Here are the Best Coffee Places in Miami Florida.

House of Per’la

Per’la Specialty Roasters’ first stationary operation is an integrated operation that includes a menu of different types of coffee, appetizing breakfast items, and lunchtime dishes from Giorgio Rapicavoli of Eating House. While you’ve probably tried Perla’s coffee elsewhere, there’s nothing quite like a cup of joe in the cafe. When you get there, be sure to pair it with a pan of guava and cheese for a delicious, sweet snack that tastes like Miami.

Panther Coffee

Everyone in Miami knows (and loves) the tiger. These local roasters are slowly expanding Miami’s caffeine empire and can now be found in Coconut Grove, MiMo, Little Haiti, and – the original store – Wynwood. The coffee is fresh, varied, and beautiful. His cold drink is a worthy opponent for any caffeine addict and superpotent who should have a warning label attached.

Vice City Bean

This cozy neighborhood offers all the classics: latte, cappuccino, cold drink, and much more. There are milk alternatives such as homemade almond milk, oat milk and soy milk. The beautifully decorated drinks suit the bakery of the cafe. Whether it’s a lavender-infused coffee drink or a fancy sparkling wine, Vice City’s versatile bean is sure to drink any unusual beverage you could want.


The award-winning pastry chef Antonio Bachor creates exquisite desserts and serves coffee to match. They have a restaurant/bakery in Coral Gables where you can pair a frothy cappuccino with toasted avocado toast. It’s located at the Time Out Market in Miami, where you can enjoy an oat milk latte with a fresh croissant or macaroon. Wherever you go there is a common version of espresso and one of the most famous winemakers to enjoy it.


Gail Azudo, the founder of Lemon City Tea, is behind this light and airy café in one of the busiest corners of Allapattah. Sips roast their own coffee at home and serve it in a cup and a half-gallon (get yourself a cold latte for your next party) and in bags to make you feel at home. Is there more than Java? Discover the extensive breakfast menu, sandwiches, salads, vegetarian dishes, and desserts throughout the day.