Naples Coffee Places

Naples Coffee Places

Best Coffee Places in Naples Florida

Whether you need a local coffee shop for your morning cup or try a new roast, you’re in luck. In Naples, there are cafes to suit all tastes, from traditional to modern, and from missionary to fitness enthusiasts. Stop by for a quick cup before breakfast or dinner and swap out your cappuccino for a cabernet. No matter which neighborhood you live in, there is a popular local store to browse through, and we have compiled a list of stores that are worth your time. Here are the Best Coffee Places in Naples, Florida.

The Coffee Snob

For those of us who are a little picky about coffee, there is no such thing as The Coffee Snob for a truly great coffee. The beans are roasted to perfection and ground individually for each drink. This family-run menu offers all of the popular coffee ingredients with a selection of pastries and ice cream – including the typical coffee flavor. Bonita Springs is located in the Sanctuary RV Resort but is open to coffee lovers from anywhere.

The Brick Coffee and Bar

If you like to have your coffee in the heart of downtown Naples, surrounded by city life, there is no such thing as a brick. In addition to its Lavazza coffee – from a regular black cup to raspberries and truffles – you can also enjoy breakfast or lunch with a variety of sandwich and salad options. Enjoy the view of the city center from the balcony, and if you have time, relax with a glass of red or white to end the day.

Coffee Bar 239

Coffee at Bar 239 is another place where you can serve your own wine in the evening and the morning atmosphere. It offers cafe quality without a limited menu. Enjoy fresh pastries, flatbreads, or a plate of sausage paired with a cup of espresso of your choice, brewed coffee, red, white, or sparkling wine. Check out live music on a Sunday afternoon or enjoy the weekend when it’s open until midnight, a late-night refreshment.

Kunjani Coffee Craft

Kanjani is a registered non-profit organization and much more than just a coffee latte. The shop, which serves organic and locally sourced coffee and tea, sells handcrafted items from African fair trade brands and artists. Opened by a mother and daughter team from Zimbabwe, Team Kunjani raises funds and raises awareness of various charitable and humanitarian causes in Africa to support missions around the world while fueling your day.